Water-stage gauging rods

Our firm has been processing glass-fabric laminates and other plastics in small-lot production and as single piece work for very long time.

The basic assortment of our manufacture are water stage (limnigraphic) rods. They are used for stage reading of the level of liquids and loose material.

They are used mainly for measuring of water depth in watercourses and in basins.

They are made of glass-fabric laminates.

The readings (numbers, marks and scales) are made of coloured polyester resin, which is perfectly protected by transparent and flexible layer. Its colour stability is guaranteed by resin producer for at least the period of 10 years.

Smooth and glossy surface of the rods ensures minimal sticking of impurities and algae. Possible dirts can be removed easily by simple wiping with a piece of cloth.

Undisputable advantage lies in an extraordinary variability of the production technology.

Actually, each customer´s request can be met, no matter if it is dealing with design, colour or dimensions.

Easy to fasten and install, easy to drill through.

Fastening: stainless material wood screw with a washer.

Your technical and commercial questions will be answered immediately, samples are available by return of post.

We are looking forward to your requests and to our mutual co-operation.

Jan Malecha